UnknownUnknownD.A. Watkins
UnknownUnknownThomas Jefferson Rodgers
UnknownUnknownAlbert Gamewell Gantt
UnknownUnknownJ.A. Belk
Broad River Circuit1894-1895Robert Graham Barrett
Broad River Circuit1895-1899Jonathan Beattie Carpenter
Broad River Circuit1899-1900Melville Chafin Field
Broad River Circuit1900-1901George J. Owen
Broad River Circuit1901-1903Watson Oscar Goode
Broad River Circuit1903-1904Edworth N. Crowder
Broad River Circuit1904-1905Rufus Franklin Bryant
Broad River Circuit1905-1906Romeo L. Melton
Broad River Circuit1906-1907Jonathan Beattie Carpenter
Broad River Circuit1907-1908William Samuel Coke Cherry
Broad River Circuit1908-1911J.L. McNeer
Broad River Circuit1911-1912William Baxter Davis
Broad River Circuit1912-1914Joseph Edgar Womack
Broad River Circuit1914-1915H.H. Mitchell
Broad River Circuit1915-1917C.C. Totherow
Broad River Circuit1917-1921Davis S. Richardson
Broad River Circuit1921-1924Elmer Simpson
Broad River Circuit1924-1926Joe Cephus Gentry
Broad River Circuit1926-1930Robert Paine Fikes
Broad River Circuit1930-1933Joseph Walter Kennedy
Broad River Circuit1933-1938Vestal Palmer Crowder
Broad River Circuit1938-1942James Boyd Fitzgerald
Broad River Circuit1942-1951Ellis Plato Greene
Broad River Circuit1951-1954Arthur Cicero Kennedy
Broad River Circuit1954-1958Hoskie Otho Huss
Broad River Circuit1958-1959William E. Mewborn
Broad River Circuit1959-1960Hugh Deam Jessup
Broad River Circuit1960-1964Newell Campbell Bush
Broad River Circuit1964-1967Goldie Adam Upton
Henrietta-Providence Charge1967-1971Elton Leon Strickland
Henrietta-Providence Charge1971-1973Robert Gray Wolfe
Wesley Parish1973-1980Harry Russell Sellers, Jr.
Wesley Parish1973-1981Clay Johnson Morgan
Wesley Parish1973Thomas Hoyle Swofford, SR.
Wesley Parish1974-1977John Welborn Herold
Wesley Parish1980-1981Budd Ellington, Jr.
Wesley Parish1981-1982Sanford Lee Giles
Wesley Parish1981-1982Cynthia Jay Pendleton
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1982-1984Roy Dean Kelly
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1984-1987Bruce Eugene Rothrock, Jr.
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1987-1991Randy Norris Sherrill
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1991-1994Gary Leroy Ferrell
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1992-1994Sheila Ferrell
Cliffside-Providence-Avondale Charge1994-1998Thomas Weeks
Providence Charge1998-2003Morris Byers
Providence Charge2003-2004Tara Ebner
Providence Charge2004-2019David Bradley
Providence Charge2019-2020Cathy Turman
Providence Charge2020-PresentWilliam Taylor

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